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Benefits of Using a Seasoned Launch Tech Marketing Consultant

"Hire Slow, Fire Fast" Forbes magazine

Right marketing team at the product scaling point

Bring on launch marketing experts for launches. Our process includes helping you hire long term marketing leadership when your product is ready to scale and proven based on early results.




Find the Right Marketing Team

6+ months to hire an internal marketing leader

Our With 4% top marketer unemployment, rockstar marketers expect greater job security and benefits. It is cheaper and smarter to hire the right person when you are ready than fire the wrong one. A senior in-house marketer cost $150,000+ with benefits and equtiy.

Focus internal hires on core competency leaders

Get the right person for the right job. Identifying essential skills defines what kind of marketing expert is needed for your stage of growth. Technology startups demand hybrid consults who understand both technology and business, not one or the other.

"What is of the greatest importance in war is extraordinary speed; one cannot afford to neglect opportunity." Sun Sui, Art of War
Drive Immediate Traction

Quickly develop and implement launch strategies

Critical tipping points require specialized skills. These marketing skills are learned and earned from real life experiences from other platform launch successes and expensive failures, instead of or yours.

Customer traction Increase company valuations

Customers have to engage over time for investors to want it. Effective marketing leadership understands both customers' interest and investor's decision-making dynamics.

In-house marketer vs. marketing launch consultant

You get what you pay for. Highly qualified marketing consultants avoid costly mistakes and quickly recommend the optimal steps to a successful launch.

Align marketing with product release timelines

No launch happens exactly as planned. Timing is critical. This is what personal experience in adapting marketing to unexpected changes in product timelines. In both cost and adaptive prioritization of projects.

None of the top 10 MBA and marketing programs in U.S. universities offer marketing classes on technology product launches.
Increase Launch Success & Team Alignment

Launch marketing requires time tested processes 

If you don't see the pattern of priorities, then you don't know what you are doing. We provide decades of experience launching technology brands in startups and Fortune 500 firms for both strategy and tactical platform launches from beginning to end.

Objective marketing leadership for your team 

Your company itself can become its greatest weakness from Internal politics and misalignment between departments. It is one of the top reasons for product failures. Unbiased marketing consultants can help reduce conflicts and provide clarity.

Experience raising capital & with Investors 

Proven experience is money well spent. Managing partner, Jason Randolph, raised $750,000 seed-stage capital for his companies. Serial marketing entrepreneurs are seen as stronger team assets for investors.

Continues Testing Approach

Product launches take longer than expected. Learning to optimize changes based on continual customer feedback from testing is where time, money, and energy can easily be misspent from inexperience. Marketing consultants earn their pay by knowing where, when, and how much to allocate during this process.

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