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Our Paid PPC and Social management extensive the message to landing pages dynamically

We have piloted a new data that better connects the message a user searches dynamically with the optimal landing page experience

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What is Fibonacci Retracement


Trade Fibonacci Trends

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Match your ads to prospect experiences

Does your Paid ads match your landing page experience? If not lets talk.

Brokers see up to a 30% increase in engagement when this integrated approach is applied 

Social Media and PPC Management

  • Full strategy to campaign building

  • Keyword builds, Creative to integrating landing page experience 


NeuroTrader team has managed over $40 million of paid media for financial trading firms

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Integrated Landing Page message

  • Dynamic, pre-approved, landing page headline copy is created for trading is mapped. Our technology allows us to edit landing page messaging without editing code.

  • The optimal messaging is created to match each of the key groups.  Think of this as simply including the landing page title and sub header when submitting PPC or paid ads

  • It is the technology that allows our team to update these pages automatically based on which keywords or URLs the user came from

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Fibonacci Retracement

100% of page updates are updated without manual updates 


Ads Triggered Based on VIX

  • Campaign optinmizations can be auto triggered based on changes in the market.

  • If price increase Gold in 10 minutes then pre-approved ads can be activated and landing page titles auto updated to match activated ads



Market volatility or product moves are the highest drives of demand

We auto can auto adjust bids and ads dynamically based on moves in the VIX or a single market

Turn Leads into Profitable Trading Clients
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